Imagine a place filled with important stories that are hard to tell. A place that embodies the collective experience of refugee and migrant women during their temporary stay in Mexico. A place that although is open to the public, is being avoided and remains invisible for many. Remaining unknown, limits the possibilities to improve the temporary stay as well as the connection with the host community. But what if there was a means to experience these stories in an immersive way, without the barrier of a physical presence. Through Virtual Reality we create an experience, in which you will feel present in the stories of the refugee and migrant women. An experience that will generate a transition towards awareness, empathy and understanding. One that helps to improve the space and life of immigrant women in a temporary environment.

Being There contributes to help with challenges around the growing number of refugee/migrant women (70% of the refugees are women and children) and the pressure on building more temporary settlements. The VR museums help create awareness among, and donations from, the community to increase the wellbeing of migrant and refugee women, and make them more active community members, by creating temporary settlements that include notions of home. By bringing the women and center to the public we provide a solution for the fact that these places are avoided and as such sustain a wrong image and block an active participation within the community.

Main routes and shelters for migrants in Mexico 2020


of Mexico’s gross domestic product
is generated through remittances and other foreign income


people in deprived or overcrowded homes in OECD countries come from an immigrant household

1 in 4

increase in the number of departing
migrants increases wages by 0.4 percent
in the Mexican labor market


Of the Migration Institute Budget was cut making it even harder to improve the migration shelters


Virtual Reality (VR) can be defined as a unique combination of technologies which are able to create a feeling of “being there”.

Being There, the project, is a VR experience that was born from the need to raise awareness about immigrant women challenges, creating a (virtual) knowledge-sharing environment that empowers, builds social networks of support and connect communities.

Migrant VR Museum

Refugee VR Museum

Volumetric Humans

Being There Second Life


The icons on the map represent the place of origin of some of the women who shared their experiences with us for this project. Click and dare to live a part of their story.


Migrant VR Museum

Refugee VR Museum

Second Life VR Museum

We will soon add the donation section of the website. Thanks to the donations we receive, the interiors of shelters supporting migrant and refugee women, like Lamentos Escuchados, can be upgraded and change from being only a functional space to a place that creates a home and create a better connection with the community.