1. The Daring

The Daring

What is it that I miss most about Honduras? My children. It’s been long since I last saw them. For them I was a mother and a father. They say I’m the only one that can give them guidance, especially with all the problems they’re having. I won’t stand by while the Maras bother them. My children are afraid, very afraid. 

Am I going back to Honduras? Yes, it’s my duty as a mother. I want to bring my children here to Mexico. Why Mexico? to get out of poverty and insecurity. 

My husband and I wanted to go to the States for a better life, but the family didn’t support us, and I couldn’t find any opportunities either. I had been working in Oaxaca, washing dishes and the like, but as I was the new one at the first cut they threw me out.

“Tengo familia allá (en Oaxaca), pero es como si no la tuviera. Les pedí ayuda pero me la negaron, y últimamente no consigo trabajo, no me está yendo bien”.

My journey to the States was difficult, we were a group of six, including me and a four year-old boy. We walked through the desert, we swam through a river as we heard crocodiles around us. We struggled to sleep, you could hear the coyotes howling closer and closer, thank God everything worked out fine.

“En el camino se encuentran buenas personas, más en México. Es como si yo estuviera en mi casa, sí, creo que me gusta más México que mi país”.

It’s so great my love for Mexico that my child was born here. How was it? It’s a long story. The father of my child and I were in Mexicali, I was pregnant  already, and there we were caught by Immigration, as the father was Guatemalan we were sent there. I didn’t want my child to be born in Guatemala, nor in Honduras. We went back to Mexico, again, walking all the way until we got to Oaxaca. My baby wasn’t yet to be born, but from all the walking he was born sooner than planned. 

At the hospital we were treated wonderfully, we had no money, no clothes, no nothing and at the hospital they gave us clothes for the baby. 

I still don’t know how i’ll go back to Honduras, but that’s my goal. If you don’t take risks, you’ll never know if things will go well or not. You must take chances, only God knows what will happen with me and my children… may it be God’s will that everything comes out right.