5. The Savior

The Savior

I´m from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, I have three children, I left two of them stranded there. That’s the worst.

I left on September eighth to arrive in November to Mexico. Why did I leave? The motive was more for my daughter, she had a problem at school because they wanted to place her in one of those lines of something bad. She was only 14 years old. And if something like that happens in your own country, you look for another country to save their lives.  You know?

I made it to Mexico asking for directions to everyone whom I crossed paths with, that’s how I was able to get on to La Bestia. As I didn’t have any money, the train was the only solution. Our destination, or rather, the furthest place we made it to my daughter and I was Piedras Negras, Coahuila because that’s as far as the train gets. From Piedras Negras we came here, to Monterrey, we were told that there was work here, and work is what we need.

“I ventured through all those roads, it was almost three months to make it to Mexico. Battle after battle, risking my daughter and risking myself, we took the train, and even through all that, we made it. Thanks to God we made it, because we couldn’t live in Honduras anymore”.

En nuestro viaje para acá, llegamos a la central y pedimos un taxi. No encontrábamos dónde dormir, entonces en facebook un muchacho nos recomendó este albergue. Nos gusta mucho aquí. Imagínese, veníamos que no encontrábamos dónde irnos a meter. De nuestro país a este país desconocido, no conocemos nada, no conocemos a nadie, y aún así, nos abrieron sus puertas.

On our journey here, we arrived at the bus station and we asked for a taxi. We couldn’t find a place to sleep in, so on facebook some guy recommended us this shelter. We like it a lot here. Imagine, we came here not knowing where we were going to stay. From our country to this unknown country, we don’t know anything, we don’t know anyone, and yet, they welcomed us with open arms.

How do we feel at the shelter? It ‘s been Good. We need nothing else. We can eat three times a day, we can shower, and we can sleep in peace. I feel good because they respect us. My dream is to be able to work, to keep on moving forward with my daughter and see what plan God has for us. How do I feel? You know, we are migrants, and that has us exhausted.