7. The Tenacious

The Tenacious

The reason to leave Honduras?  The need, the poverty, the lack of a job. So many things make you get out of your country. I have two children here with me. A girl and a boy, she’s 11 and he’s 13. My other two children are in Honduras.

I came on the second caravan that came out of Honduras. I made it all the way to Tapachula. There, they were giving out permits to keep on going north, and I got one but I had to get back to my country. 

The journey was rough. My girl got sick and the boy got dehydrated. We could no longer continue, I didn’t want to keep on walking, so I had to go back to my country. But I decided that I had to try again, I already had the permit and it was my dream, so I had to do it.

I did the whole journey again and I made it to here. Riding bus after bus we made it up here, and a cab brought us to this shelter. I feel safe and thankful that they´d open the doors for us. That’s allowed me to look for a job.

But right now we are going through some hard times, I already found a job, but with the Coronavirus, it’s gotten harder and harder. People are staying at home. Even though that it no longer matters, I soon have a meeting to seek asylum in the United States. I will go to Nuevo Laredo and God only knows what it’ll await us. All I need is to make it to the United States.

What´´ s my goal? Well that’s my goal. We have been in the United States before, but laws have changed and it’s got harder to stay. My goal once I´ m there? First I have to make it and get a job, then save up and fight to bring my children.

“How does one feel about this? The truth is that one goes through hard times, because of what one is living. You feels sad. That’s something that I always feel because I´ m not with my loved ones”.

Right now I´ m going to Nuevo Laredo, but at times, I don’t know what to think. I think in going back to my children, who are back home, because I’m running out of strength, I don’t want to keep on going, but I also think of all the effort that I´ ve had to make to get here, and getting back would also be extremely difficult. I find myself between the sword and the wall. I don’t even know what to think anymore.

What would make me feel at home? Being in the United States with my whole family. Working hard and with God’s help, I´ ll get it done.