4. The Truthful

The Truthful

Why would I do this interview anonymously? All I´m going to say is true. It’s all real.

Yesterday I had the obligation to do things here at the shelter. Well, it was raining and I couldn’t go outside, also I was bored,  so I told the woman in charge “get me something to do”. Today I`m cold, here at the shelter it’s very cold.

Work? Yeah, I used to work.

Where? I was in the United States, but was forced to leave. I didn’t want to, nor was I willing to leave. That was back in ‘95. My papers had expired and I’ve tried to fix them in my country ever since, but no luck. I find myself without papers and without work. I´m from Guatemala, over there they call me China. I have my brother over there, but I don’t want to bother him… I can handle myself.

I arrived in Mexico by bus, and then by hitchhiking. Half and half. From Guatemala to here in a month. Then I was in San Luis Potosi for another month, and all I wanted was to leave. So I got to work and a person that I met told me about this shelter in Monterrey, so I came here.

“Back in the shelter I was in San Luis Potosi, people would take others who were staying there to work, but not me, I also had to leave the room where I was staying. I had to find a place and a job on my own… but I didn’t have anyone to help me. No one helped me”.

I´ m going to stay for a while in Monterrey, I need to go to Nuevo Laredo or Tamaulipas, but not right now, I have no money. Cross to the United States? Of course. Right now I need to work here, but it’s impossible. They ask for too many documents that I don´t have. The CURP, social security, ID, high school diploma- I only studied until the last grade of middle school- and if you´re a migrant: la mica -That what’s la mica? It’s the green card-.

My dream? Do you mean what do I long for? To work and to have a shelter, both! Work and shelter; and also, I would like to have papers that help me get a job in Mexico. Truthfully I don’t feel good, because I don’t have a job and that’s what worries me. Without a job I don’t have money for the ticket, and without a ticket, I don’t have a job. Right now I´m just washing cars and I´m not getting much out of it. And when it rains I can’t go out to wash them. 

How do I see myself in the United States? Well as an illegal, right? But I would rather go there than go back to Guatemala.